Creative Interaction Design (CIxD) Lab.

창조적 인터랙션 디자인 연구실

In the Creative Interaction Design (CIxD) Lab, our research focuses on enhancing creative and quality-centered design thinking especially in the domain of human-computer interaction by exploring and developing new theories, methods, and frameworks, as well as tools to be used in actual design practice. By “creative and quality-centered,” we mean the creativity support that leads designers to think differently through discovery which comes with inspiration, and the quality support that leads designers to think rigorously and rationally as well as meaningfully focusing on people and their values.

The numerous methods and frameworks we have developed, the analytical and comparative studies we have conducted, and the new theories we have proposed have influenced the areas including interaction design, experience-centered design, prototyping, ambient intelligent systems design, interactive systems design, and collaborative design.

We are currently working on the projects which focus on developing new design approaches to discover innovative product and service opportunities with ubiquitous computing technologies, as well as to help designers think tangibly when dealing with intangible qualities like interactivity.