cixd creative interaction design lab.

DIY Smart Home

2016 - 2017

With the development of emerging technologies for domestic environments, smart homes have received considerable research and commercial attention among ubiquitous computing communities. New types of smart home products such as do-it-yourself smart home allow users to create and modify their smart homes through do-it-yourself projects. We call these types of product do-it-yourself (DIY)-style smart home products. Users can create smart home features through DIY smart home products by connecting various sensors (e.g., a door-contact-sensor and a temperature and humidity sensor), actuators (e.g., light bulbs, sockets), social network services, SMS, and email. Because DIY smart home products are programmed and installed by the user, they provide a different experience than previous home automation products. People have to decide what smart home features they need, where to use them and how to install and program them. However, most of all, little is known about how DIY smart home products are used in daily life. Understanding the user experience of DIY smart home products could be investigated to provide a better user experience in the early stages of DIY smart home product design.