cixd creative interaction design lab.

User-Centered Design for IoT

2016 - 2021

As the products obtain intelligence and are connected to each other, everyday life with things changes. The thermostat automatically regulates the temperature of house, watch orders pizza for user, and users communicate an intangible avatar, called agent. With the emergence of intelligent system such as Internet of Things (IoT), designers are facing new design paradigm shift. It provides new design opportunities to empower people and enrich their everyday life. However, intelligent systems such as IoTs focus on technical elements, and there is still lack of user-centeredness in design. To overcome these problems, design researchers are required to better understand nature of smart and connected things and their impact on users’ lives in IoT context. In this project, we aim to explore user’s mental model on IoT systems and define true user-centered design in this design space. To achieve this aim, a practically applicable level of guidelines and methodology for designing interaction with intelligent system consisting digital agents and connected things are being developed.