cixd creative interaction design lab.

Designing In-car Voice User Interface Dialogue

2015 - 2017

With the development of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, more devices are being controlled by human’s natural speech. Since voice-controlled devices do not need visual attention of the users at the time of usage, vehicle manufacturers, especially automobile companies, are adopting the system, with more and more information to give to the drivers while driving. But since Voice (or Speech) User Interface (VUI) is somewhat unfamiliar to most of the drivers who are used to conventional control systems, they find it difficult to interact or even start interacting with the systems. At the same time, interface designers do not have any common framework and guidelines upon which to design VUIs, thus they often struggle to achieve their goals to meet drivers’ needs. Since VUI has no forms that can be seen and give a clue of how to be used, interface designers should carefully and systematically design not only the system but also the dialogue structure and flow. This research aims to provide a framework and guidelines for VUI designers on how to design the dialogue between the user and the interface of automobile VUIs under the context of inside automobiles with a driver driving.