cixd creative interaction design lab.

Service Design for Health Behavior Change by Applying Group Goal Concept

2015 - 2016

Many researches on behavior change for health promotion has been dealt with in HCI field. Two of the most popular strategies for behavior change are goal setting and social influence which brought by other people. This study proposed a new concept of group goal, which integrates these two strategies, and explored its role in health behavior change, and found a way to apply it in service design. For this purpose, an explorative study were carried out to observe that four groups set up and accomplish group goals for four weeks. As a result, three types of group goal, the role of group goal in behavior change, and six steps for group goal utilization were derived. In the following user experience research, the six steps for group goal utilization were simulated by using existing services. As a result, step-by-step service guidelines and design considerations were suggested when applying group goals in service design. This study is meaningful in the aspect of expanding the concept of goal that are usually dealt with individual into groups, discovering the types and influences of group goal in contrast to individual goal, and proposing a new strategy to apply group goal concept on services to induce users to change behavior.