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Dajung Kim presented at Microsoft Research Asia PhD Forum 2015

Dajung Kim, a Ph.D. candidate in CIxD Lab. (led by Prof. Youn-kyung Lim), presented her recent works at Microsoft Research Asia PhD Forum 2015, which was held during 8-9 of September in Beijing, China. This event was hosted at the first time and MSRA invited thirty outstanding Asian PhD students from Asia-Pacific and the United States. MSRA organized workshops in multiple research areas, including Machine Learning, AI, Multimedia, Vision, Systems, Graphics, Big Data, and Human-Computer Interaction. As a member of HCI track, Dajung actively participated in the two-day forum with peer PhD students and MSRA researchers. (Although Jong-bum Woo, another Ph.D. candidate in CIxD Lab., was invited as well, he could not attend to this event due to his presentation at UbiComp 2015 conference.)