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Saeyoung Rho presented at DIS 2017 about the FutureSelf project, and received honorable mention award

Saeyoung Rho presented a paper entitled “FutureSelf: What Happens When We Forecast Self-Trackers' Future Health Statuses?” at DIS 2017, Edinburgh, UK. The study suggested a new type of information to represent self-tracked data (consequence information, i.e., the predicted future information based on collected data) and revealed that this type of information can help increase users' motivation to engage in healthy behavior through in-depth qualitative user studies. This work was done by Saeyoung Rho, Hankyung Kim, Jonghyuk Jung, Youn-Kyung Lim in Department of Industrial Design, and Injung Lee, Hyungi Kim, Bonggwan Jun in Graduate School of Cultural Technology.