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Invited Keynote talk at CHIuXiD 2017

Prof. Youn-kyung Lim was invited to give a keynote talk at the international conference in Jakarta Indonesia, CHIuXiD 2017. CHIuXiD 2017 is the third conference led by the HCI community in Indonesia for the researchers and the practitioners in the field of CHI. It is also sponsored by ACM SIGCHI. The conference was very successful with people from different countries and also with good quality research papers (23% acceptance rate). The conference also had a wonderful set of presentations from industry for business cases. Prof. Lim was one of the three academic keynote speakers and gave a talk about newly emerging paradigm of UX with HCI 3.0 artifacts, titled as “Redefining UX Design for HCI 3.0 Artifacts.” More about the conference can be found at The abstract of the keynote talk can be find in this link.