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Prof. Lim gave a talk at the panel session in HCI Korea 2015

Youn-kyung Lim gave a talk at the panel discussion session “Speculative Reasoning in Design” in HCI Korea 2015. Five other people, Ron Wakkary and William Odom from Simon Fraser University, Mark Blythe from the University of Northumbria at Newcastle Haakon Faste from California College of the Arts, and Daniela Rosner from University of Washington, also joined in as panelists.

The panel has explored questions such as:

- Can speculative reasoning, in particular design fictions, discovery-driven prototypes, conceptual artifacts, and enactments, contribute to HCI research?

- Can the addition of speculative reasoning lead to critical examination of our own practices and assumptions of HCI research?

- How can designers and HCI researchers and practitioners draw on speculative reasoning in their own practices?